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Aaron Taylor

I excitedly re-joined the Elmore Primary School community in April 2020, having previously worked at the school for a short period during 2017 -2018. It was the connections that I developed during this time with staff, students, parents and the wider community which drew me back to my now more permanent position as principal of Elmore Primary School.

My background in Education has included working in both rural and urban settings in some large and some much smaller schools. Having been raised in a rural community I have an appreciation of the important role the school plays in servicing the needs of the entire community. I look forward to assisting our students to meaningfully connect with all elements of the Elmore community and creating opportunities for everyone to feel welcomed at our school.

The students of Elmore Primary School are at the centre of our decision making. Our passionate and involved School Council and parent community are committed to consultative decision making principles, whole school planning and a systematic and shared approach to our continued growth and progress.