Supporting Your Child To Be A Successful Learner, with Ms Griffiths

Reading Tips!

Take a cardboard roll from the middle of hand towel / paper towel / glad wrap etc and write all the letters of the alphabet on it, randomly. Then get some stickers (they don’t have to be round or colourful—just whatever you can find!) and write the letters on them too. It helps if you use a mix of upper and lower case rather than just all capitals. Now ask your child to place the sticker on the matching letter on the roll. You could also do capitals on the roll and lower case on the stick-ers, to mix it up. You could also do this with high frequency words (see the Oxford website if you want to know more about these. We start with the first 100 most frequently used words, which I have attached to today’s newsletter, and move through the lists on that website.

The Alphabet parking lot is another great activity you can easily make up at home. As always, learning is easier when its fun and more likely to be remembered when you use concrete materials.

If you are a Pinterest user, you will find lots of great activities for learn-ing alphabet names and sounds as well as high frequency words there. Look up ‘phonics activities’. Phonics just means the sounds letters make.

And remember, any time you have a question about how you could support your child with their Literacy, come in and talk with me about it. I am always happy to chat and I may have some resources you can borrow to use at home too.


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