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We want to hear from you!
As you may know EPS has received $1.198 million in State Government funding to upgrade our facilities. We want to hear from our parents, carers and locals about what you’d like to see in your school.
The results of this survey will help to shape our school’s new upgrades. Have your say – complete the survey here before Friday 11th December.

Hello and welcome to Elmore Primary School.

Our school values of Respect, Resilience, Citizenship and Integrity underpin our daily actions. They ensure we create a safe and secure learning environment where we maintain high expectations for all of our learning community.

Our Vision

Elmore Primary School provides a safe and supportive learning environment where high expectations and meaningful partnerships are prioritised and valued. Learning is extended through the provision of a wide range of individualised opportunities that support students to become inquisitive, socially responsible and resilient lifelong learners.

At EPS we strongly value and foster the relationships we develop with our learners, our parents and families. We are a learning community committed to ongoing growth and development. We believe that learning is a partnership, where best results can be gained with the collective input of our learners, their parents and our teachers. With this in mind, we regularly collaborate to develop personalised learning goals for each student and identify researched strategies to inform progress and to individualise the learning experience.

At EPS we actively incorporate opportunities for students to engage with their local environment and community. We believe in developing informed and connected learners who are able to problem solve and see the many opportunities both within and beyond our school community.